Stuck on Repeat… May and June 2017

These past two months have been full of music, mainly due to hours and hours of radio on an epic Californian road trip (blog to follow soon!) and it's festival season! Here's what has been #stuckonrepeat – full playlist is here. Slave To Love – Bryan Ferry I'm not quite sure why but recently I've… Continue reading Stuck on Repeat… May and June 2017

Beauty Favourites

In the past few years I’ve been trying to make more of an effort with my skin care, moving away from the soap-water-moisturiser routine or face wipes *hangs head in shame* I used to use. As I approach *whispers* 35, I’ve noticed a few lines appearing and my skin misbehaving more than usual (with a spell… Continue reading Beauty Favourites

What to Watch – Spring 2017

Following on from my What to Watch post late last year, here’s what I’ve been watching since then and heartily recommend: O.J.: Made in America Set some time aside to watch this. Seven and half hours might seem a crazy amount of time for a documentary on OJ but it’s worth it. This is NOT… Continue reading What to Watch – Spring 2017

What To Watch…

The nights are unbearably dark, cold and require nothing more than snuggles on the sofa under duvets and long sessions watching the telly box. With the Christmas break giving some a chance to catch up on their viewing and hibernate until the new year I thought I’d share a few of my favourite shows and… Continue reading What To Watch…

Nude Art Advent 2016

For the third year in a row I’ve been counting down the days until Christmas with a celebration of the nude form in art over on Instagram with the hashtag #nudeartadvent. It’s always a fantastic research project discovering artists that are new to me. Here’s the rundown from 2016 in case you missed it or… Continue reading Nude Art Advent 2016

Reasons why I love F1…

The return of F1 this weekend heralds the return of another season filled equally with hope and despair, although technically it starts as soon as the engines are fired up for winter testing.  My social life goes into hibernation as everything gets checked against the FIA calendar and my social media goes into overdrive – you… Continue reading Reasons why I love F1…

Wet January

At some point on January 3rd I realised that I had had alcoholic drinks on two successive days. Most people would say, “Oh right, that’s funny/cool/strange/odd/nothing to be remotely interested with,” delete as applicable and carry about their business.    For someone who was pretty much teetotal as an adolescent and who had only just… Continue reading Wet January

Stuck on repeat…October 2015

Apologies for the lack of posts this month – I have a million post ideas but have lacked the drive to make the words flow out from my brain.  I’ve been working a little which has limited my music listening and so this months post is a little shorter. I’ve been walking through parks and… Continue reading Stuck on repeat…October 2015

Stuck on repeat…September 2015

A small selection of what I’m playing over and over and over and over right now. As always, there’s a real mix of old and new. Click on the title links for the YouTube vids! Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift Miss Swift is becoming quite the superstar and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been… Continue reading Stuck on repeat…September 2015