Stuck On Repeat… July and August 2017

Summer seems to have had a mellowing effect on my musical tastes, because everything is quite chilled on this installment of #stuckonrepeat. For the full playlist, click here.

I’m On Fire – Bruce Springsteen

Edgy with synthesisers, but still that late night-dark road, rock n roll that I love. You can’t beat a tune from the Boss. The original and the best version.

Favourite lyric: Hey little girl is your daddy home/Did he go away and leave you all alone/I got a bad desire/I’m on fire

Love Is Blindness – The Damn Truth

Heard on an advert and I shamefully never realised that it was a U2 song. Love the vocals on this version, there’s an urgency to the desire which borders on hysteria.

Favourite lyric: Love is blindness/I don’t want to see/Won’t you wrap the night/Around me?

Hushabye Mountain – Julie London

A classic lullaby that stuck with me for years and then I heard it on an advert for Audi and fell for its charms again. The sibilance alone is a joy to hear.

Favourite lyric: The winds of night so softly are sighing/Soon they will fly your troubles to sea.

Aerial Ocean – The Pines

I have to thank Jack Savoretti for introducing me to this beautiful tune. It’s ethereal and wistful and reminds me of big sunset skies.

Favourite lyric: So low and behold we’re all just silhouettes in the sunset

You Do Something To Me – Skunk Anansie

I already loved the Paul Weller version but together with Skin’s voice this transcends into something vulnerable and delicate, but could still rip you apart.

Favourite lyric: You do something wonderful/Then chase it all away/Mixing my emotions/That throws me back again

My Eyes – The Lumineers

I heard this in the final moments of the last ever episode of Reign and adored the melancholy nature of it. It sounds like the song of a disappointed lover, knowing they will be hurt again.

Favourite lyric: Oh, the devil’s inside/You opened the door/You gave him a ride

Unforgettable – French Montana, Swae Lee, Major Lazer

The sound of the summer, laid back and sexy. I prefer the Major Lazer remix to give it a bit of a punch.

Favourite lyric: I’m gonna catch the rhythm while she push up against me/Ooh, and she tipsy

Thinking Of A Place – The War On Drugs

Someone shared this on Twitter and I found I couldn’t stop playing it. It changes and moves as if exploring the soul. Ten minutes of utter bliss that I need to play very loudly on a road trip somewhere warm.

Favourite lyric: Love me every night/Drown me in the water/Hold my hand and there’s something turning me

Still The Same – Bob Seger

Thanks to Ozark for this one, it’s the song that Tuck plays on stop on the jukebox and I can see why. It’s borderline honkytonk mixed with a bit of darkness.

Favourite lyric: You’re still damn good, no one’s gotten to you yet

What are your current musical earworms? Let me know in the comments!

Stuck on Repeat… May and June 2017

These past two months have been full of music, mainly due to hours and hours of radio on an epic Californian road trip (blog to follow soon!) and it's festival season!

Here's what has been #stuckonrepeat – full playlist is here.

Slave To Love – Bryan Ferry

I'm not quite sure why but recently I've been loving the 80's classic sound of soft rock, synth and romance. This is such a sensual song, the beat could almost work for kizomba and you can't beat a classic!

Favourite lyric: We're too young to reason / Too grown up to dream

Amar Pelos Dois – Salvador Sobral

May isn't complete without The Eurovision Song Contest, one of my favourite nights of the year. Fiiiiinally, after what felt like a million years and on the day the Pope visited Fatima, Portugal won. The song deserved a win in my opinion; beautiful lyrics and a pretty melody. It's not a traditional Eurovision song (see Verka Serduchka – which I LOVE) but it felt completely different and what was needed for 2017.

Favourite lyric: Eu sei que não se ama sozinho / Talvez devagarinho possas voltar a aprender — I know that one can’t love alone / Maybe slowly you might learn again

River – Leon Bridges

I first heard this beautiful song in Big Little Lies and have been obsessed with it ever since. I sang it constantly on our road trip, following the great rivers of Kings Canyon and Yosemite National Park and now I sing it when I'm in the water swimming. It calms me, it gives me a rhythm, it transports me to a different place and it talks about the cleansing power of being in water.

Favourite lyric: In my darkness I remember / Momma’s words reoccur to me /"Surrender to the good Lord / And he’ll wipe your slate clean"

Here We Go Again (I Love Lake Tahoe) – A

This song takes me back to being a teen with low slung baggy jeans and hearing about this mythical land called Tahoe in California. Fast forward twenty years and I was actually here, playing this in my head the whole time. The most beautiful place, I wish I could've explored more of it!

Favourite lyric: All is quiet on New Years day / think I'll try and impress my mates / So I jump into the lake / I won't do that again (I know why now – IT'S BLOODY FREEZING!)

Fistful Of Love – Antony & The Johnsons

A controversial song, in that it's the view of an abused lover knowing the person they love can't express their love other than by leaving bruises. Awful, but juxtapose this with the bluesy jazz and the soaring brass section and it oddly feels like a positive experience, like someone coming to terms with their situation, understanding why other people react in a way.

Favourite lyric: And I feel the whip / And I know it's out of love

Shoop – Salt n Pepa

I blame an advert for this – Three Mobile ran an ad with a Giraffamingo or some such creature and I can't help but smile with "Snap, Chat, Pose, Post" and I've had this on repeat ever since. It's so upbeat, it's an instant mood lifter!

Favourite lyric: I'm not shy so I asked for the digits / A ho? No, that don't make me / See what I want slip slide to it swifty

Can't Get You Out Of My Head – The Sweeplings

So I may have heard this version on Love Island (don't judge me) and instantly Shazam-ed it. I actually hated this song – I've heard it nonstop since 2001 but this was beautiful, haunting and ethereal. I love the harmonies and you can usually hear me caterwauling along.

Favourite lyric: Every night, oh, every day / Just to be there in your arms / Won't you stay?

The Pretender – Foo Fighters

That EPIC set at Glastonbury (which I watched from my rock n roll sofa) reignited a love of all things Foo. I had one request – that they play my three favourite songs of theirs: My Hero, Best of You and this, The Pretender, a song that is more than just an amazing rock song. The layers of riffs and chords give me shivers and it reminds me of an excellent Bond score.

Favourite lyric: We are not permanent / We're temporary


Let me know what your earworms are on social or in the comments below!


Stuck on Repeat… March and April 2017

It’s not a long list for #stuckonrepeat this time because I have been binge watching all of the TV! For the full playlist click here.

Cold Little Heart – Michael Kiwanuka

I’d caught snippets of this so many times before hearing it (and being able to Shazam it) on Big Little Lies that I genuinely thought I was being haunted by a song. The instrumental and harmonies are just… *sighs*. This is the full ten minute version because life is short so fill it with good things. 

Favourite lyric: Maybe this time I can be strong / But since I know who I am / I’m probably wrong

Lay, Lady, Lay – Bob Dylan

The first few bars of this song has me feeling warmth on my skin; it’s sunshine in musical form and makes me think of languid limbs and lovers by the sea. I was transported to my happy place one March afternoon by a busker in the South Kensington tunnel en route to a V&A exhibition and I think his song was the highlight of the afternoon.

Favourite lyric: Why wait any longer for the world to begin / You can have your cake and eat it too / Why wait any longer for the one you love / When he’s standing in front of you

Teenage Fever – Drake

We’re all still left wondering if the showmance between JLo and Drizzy was just a subtle tactic to get rights for the sample of If You Had My Love but even if it was, it was worth it. A sexy little number. 

Favourite lyric: If you had my love / And I gave you all my trust/ Would you comfort me?

I’ll Come Crashing – A Giant Dog

This was stuck in my head after watching Girlboss and it’s replaced Too Funky as the best song to get me out of bed. It’s feisty, angry and very kick ass. Need something done? Play this and feel awesome. 

Favourite lyric: Nothing in my nature tells me not to do bad things / I know that I really should be good tonight.

Sleep No More – Jack Savoretti

It wouldn’t be a #stuckonrepeat post without an appearance from ol’ Jack. The album was on loop for most of March as I went to the last gig of the Sleep No More Tour at the Royal Festival Hall; an amazing night that had everyone up in their seats and the aisles (and even me in front of the stage!) dancing. This is one of my favourites especially because of the whistling. You can’t beat a song that has whistling!

Favourite lyric: I need the love you give me 

Stuck On Repeat… January and February 2017

Delayed and a little short for two months, but better late than never! Here’s what I’ve been playing non stop for the start of 2017.

For the full #stuckonrepeat playlist click here.

Cry Me A River – Jack Savoretti

Jack is no stranger to this playlist. His gravelly tones seduced me last year. I’ve been playing his tracks ever since and going to see him live a second time at the Royal Festival Hall later in March. This version taps in to the heartbreak in a way that JT’s didn’t.

Favourite lyric: Now you tell me you need me / When you call me on the phone

Too Funky – George Michael

I’m still gutted at his loss. Just, ugh, such a talent. Thankfully this wonderful song has been a huge motivation in getting me out of bed/conquering the world/accompanying my everyday exercise routine/general strutting around house in my pants. The video is filled with supermodels and just general 90’s excess. It’s a delight. 

Favourite lyric: Will you stop playing that radio of yours? I’m trying to get some sleep!

Wild Card – Nashville Cast (Lennon Stella)

Another Nashville hit that I got obsessed with this past season which is a little sassy and tongue in cheek. I love that it’s a little naughty but nice. We all have two sides to our personality, right?

Favourite lyric: I’m a wild card / I’m a sweetheart / I’ve got fever in my blood

Terrible Love (Alternate Version) – The National

How have I never heard of this band before? Thankfully a rather schmaltzy Nicholas Sparks movie played this (don’t judge me) and I fell in love. A thumping heartbeat of drums with soaring guitars and vocals does good things to my soul.

Favourite lyrics: But I won’t follow you into the rabbit hole / I said I would, but then I saw
Your shivered bones

Dangerous – The XX

I heard this on Instagram in a dance clip and was captivated by the funkier sound from the band, especially on this track with its brass section. It just makes me want to dance and that’s always a good thing.

Favourite lyric: Should it all fall down / You’ll have been my favourite mistake

Shotgun Mouthwash – High Contrast

Having only seen Trainspotting for the first time over Christmas (shut it, I know!) I grabbed the opportunity to see T2: Trainspotting on opening weekend for hubby’s birthday. I loved the film, loved how dark and grown up it was. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack. The film opens with this gem. I’m a huge fan of a dirty electro bass line and this has it in buckets.

Favourite lyric: A million little pieces will never be enough for you

Thanks for reading and listening!


Stuck on Repeat… November and December 2016

Yikes, this one is a tad late coming but better late than never! It’s just a short compilation for the end of the year as there was a lot of wailing along to Mariah’s classic Christmas tune. To listen to the full playlist just click here and don’t forget to follow. 

Paint It Black – Ramon Djawadi (Westworld Soundtrack)

Westworld became a must-see this past Autumn and one of the many things that made it work was the brilliant soundtrack using well known contemporary songs on a honkytonk piano. Weird, but wonderful. This is one of my favourite Stones songs which I almost didn’t recognise at first!

Favourite lyric: No actual lyrics in this version! 

Enjoy The Silence – Ki:Theory

I heard this on a trailer for the live action Call of Duty film and loved the even darker, industrial version Ki:Theory has created. Check out their version of Stand By Me too. 

Favourite lyric: All I ever needed / All I ever wanted was here in my arms

You Made Your Bed (So Lay In It) – Travis Garland

I caught this on an Instagram video that had a couple dancing bachata. It’s punchy and vengeful and a little kick ass too. 

Favourite lyric: I know you think of me tonight / When you got no one by your side

Reflecting Light – Sam Phillips

I have Gilmore Girls to thank for this one and the wonderful A Year In The Life Of specials that came out late November. It’s a beautiful song that comes at a beautiful moment in the finale (no spoilers from me here) and it stuck with me. 

Favourite lyric: And the moon’s never seen me before / But I’m reflecting light

Careless Whisper – George Michael

It feels like 2016 just couldn’t let things be, it had to take some of the most influential musicians and artists away from us. The year ended how it started, with a shock death and this one really got to me because I feel like I’ve grown up on so much of his music. This song is proof that good music never ages. 

Favourite lyric: Maybe it’s better this way / We’d hurt each other with the things we want to say

Stuck on Repeat… October 2016

October proved to be a busy but better month with a flurry of social activity and a couple of live music performances seeing a favorite up and coming talent. Also, a few weeks back I asked people on Twitter and Facebook what their current earworms were. Thank you to everyone who submitted songs, they’re on my radar and may even feature here soon!

Remember you can follow the full #stuckonrepeat playlist on Spotify here.

Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

I was blown away by Gaga’s performance of this in Carpool Karaoke. To be able to convey so much emotion singing along in a car is a talent indeed. This is a gorgeous song (co-written by Mark Ronson) and makes a change for me from her usual frothy pop tunes.

Favourite lyric: I bow down to pray/I try to make the worst seem better/Lord, show me the way
/To cut through all his worn out leather

Waste A Moment – Kings of Leon

Great to see KOL are back after a brief hiatus. This is such an uplifting song, but every time I hear it, I always end up singing Love Will Tear Us Apart in the chorus. Is it just me that hears it? My bonkers brain making connections that only make sense to me?

Favourite lyric: Oh, take the time to waste a moment/Oh, never ask to be forgiven

To Be With You – Mr Big

A very guilty pleasure! YouTube brought me a classic tune from years ago… I’m amazed I still remembered most of the lyrics! #Sorrynotsorry for the retro trip.  

Favourite lyric: You can make my life worthwhile/I can make you start to smile

City Of Stars – Ryan Gosling (La La Land Soundtrack)

Come January when La La Land is released in UK cinemas, you’ll understand why this has been playing on a loop despite being only a minute-something long. I’ll write a review closer to release but take it from me, it’s a wonderful, marvellous film. 

Favourite lyric: Is this the start of something wonderful and new?/Or one more dream that I cannot make true

Never Be Like You – Flume feat Kai

I was completely late to the Flume party but I’ve been really enjoying this tune. A tale of mistakes made, it sounds real and honest. 

Favourite lyric: I’m only human. Can’t you see?/I made, I made a mistake

Kiss You All Over – Exile

Yes, I heard this song on Employee of the Month. Yes, it’s super cheesy. Yes, that makes two 80s tunes on the blog this month. This song is so chilled you won’t even mind. Check out the Spanish version for extra joy points. 

Favourite lyric: Stay with me, lay with me/Holding me, loving me, baby/Here with me, near with me/Feeling you close to me, baby

In The Name Of Your Love – Riley Smith, Nashville Cast

I’m so happy Nashville is back on our screens with clever writing and brilliant music. Newcomer Riley Smith pays Markus, a rocker who tries to reinvent his sound. Some of this season’s storylines have been a bit blah – Juliet and Avery, let’s move orrrrrnnn – but has produced some lovely tunes. 

Favourite lyric: I got some skeletons in my yesterday… 

That’s it for this month, catch you all soon and don’t forget to write your current earworms in the comments! C X 

Stuck on repeat… June and July 2016

Apologies dear readers/listeners for I have been naughty and condensed two months into one post. This is mainly because I felt that I couldn’t just write a post featuring two songs and that be it! Plus I was enjoying my holidays and  suffering from a particularly bad case of writers block (aka: everything I write is sh*t) so I’m giving you a double whammy, packed full of ear-wormy tunes for your enjoyment. 

Catch up with the full #stuckonrepeat playlist here

It’s not often that I would put two songs from the same artist but I really have been playing these non-stop these past months. 

Magnetised – Tom Odell

I’d heard this a few times on a Discover or  Hot Hits playlist and thought it pretty catchy, but it wasn’t until I saw the performance on Graham Norton again that I really felt the energy in the song. A tale of unrequited love/knowing when you give more than your lover reciprocates and yet still going back for more.

Favourite lyric: ‘Cause it’s not right, I’m magnetised / To somebody that don’t feel it / Love paralyzed, she’s never gonna need me / But sure as the world keeps the moon in the sky / She’ll keep me hanging on

Concrete – Tom Odell

Exploring the new album I kept skipping back to these two tracks. This is slinky, jazzy and moody all about empty hotel rooms and missing the connection with a lover, with a lyric (if misheard) is just the good side of naughty.  

Favourite lyric: Cause I’d sleep, on a bed that’s made of concrete / Just the two of us and, no sheet / Just your feet, rubbing up against mine

Cry – Nuuxs

I first saw Nuuxs at The Pheasantry on the Kings Road earlier this year as part of the Pizza Express Live gigs (originally going to support Tay Salem, see below) and was entertained enough by her main set – one of the stand out songs being In The Name Of (which I can’t find anywhere!) With Tay supporting her again at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Soho at the beginning of July, I was excited to hear more of the mix of 60’s cool and Shoreditch angst (in a good way). This title track from the current EP didn’t become an earworm until I replayed on Spotify and it was only upon listening carefully that I realised what I thought was another heartbreak song was something a lot darker and much more intense about overcoming abuse. It’s musical vengeance. 

Favourite lyric: I hope you do well in your prison cell

Stolen – Nuuxs

This was the song that stuck in my head on the way back from the gig. The version performed was powerful enough with just the female voice but this recording from the EP features Jake Gosling for the duet adding the male perspective to the lyrics. 

Favourite lyric: I let you worry / so I could be free

Written in Scars – Jack Savoretti

Mr Savoretti has made an appearance on StuckOnRepeat before with the stunning Catapult, the song that persuaded me to shell out for his gig at Somerset House – which was AMAZING!! The dude has stage presence, sings from the soul and is easy on the eye. (He made it on to the laminated list on this performance alone!) This was the track if been humming all day and we heard as part of soundcheck as we walked in to wait, plus the opener to the set. Just so punchy and apt in these post-brexit-quit-making-a-mockery-of-our-country-you-damned-politicians times!! 

Favourite lyric: We are the revolution, we want it all tonight, We want to take back what’s rightfully ours

Fight Til The End – Jack Savoretti 

It almost sounds like an intro to a Sergio Leone film, fast paced and frantic. It tells the story of a relationship that can’t stand on passion alone but feels too good to give up. It almost reminds me of my addiction to Haribo, ha!

Favourite lyric: We’re enemies, lovers, not friends

Iron – Tay Salem

The talent this guy has is ridic. Even the Red Bull Music Academy say so. Another awesome set enjoyed at the Pizza Express Jazz club and so brilliant to see the progression in confidence and skill with his songs. An EP is due soon (gimme Threads already!!) with this being the first release from it. 

Favourite lyric: Invisible chains / I was born free / but it’s harder to move than harder to see

Tonight You Belong To Me – Eddie Vedder

This has been a true earworm, seriously stuck on repeat in our house and driving my poor hubby insane with how often it gets played/repeated within the space of an hour let alone a day. It’s just the cutest song which I’d heard before but then watched being sung by a dad and his four year old daughter (I’m not a broody/affected by kids kinda girl but I sobbed happy tears at this duo.) It was written in the 1920’s and featured in the Steve Martin film The Jerk, but I found the Eddie Vedder version with Cat Power to be most pleasant. It’s a cutesy song about getting your ex lover back for one last time, which belies the simplicity of the song. Anyway, I dare you to not sing along AND harmonise!! And replay eleventy billion times!!

Favourite lyric: My honey I know / With the dawn / That you will be gone / But tonight / You belong to me

Tilted – Christine and the Queens

I’d heard great things about CATQ but never actually heard songs. Thankfully mainstream media (The Graham Norton Show) showcased this lady and her moves. Try not to tap along. 

Favourite lyric: I’m doing my face with magic marker / I’m in my right place, don’t be a downer. 

Stuck on repeat… April 2016

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I’m not sure if my music tastes are slowly failing me but the recent additions of Bieber and now an ex WandErection-er makes me doubt myself. Having said that, it’s SO damn catchy and isn’t that the mark of a good pop song? I blame Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battle for reigniting my interest in this tune. 

Favourite lyric: So we’ll piss off the neighbours / In the place that feels the tears / The place to lose your fears

This Is A War – All Saints

I was a teen during the late 90’s/early 00’s and All Saints were e v e r y w h e r e. In fashion, on the radio, even films (Ms Shaznay in Bend It Like Beckham). I’m rather happy to see them return; older, wiser and more soulful than before as it almost feels like a nostalgic antidote to the fakery of modern life. This track from the new album instantly appealed to me and has been on the playlist ever since. 

Favourite lyric: If I gotta fight for the right / To be loved and to love, then this is a war

A Waltz For A Night – Julie Delpy

One of my favourite films is Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It’s basically two people talking and falling in love before the sun rises in Vienna and watching it nearly 20 years after its release, it was still pretty relevant in its observation of life and love. The sequel shows the protagonists meeting again several years later and they pick up just where they left off, this time in Paris. If you’ve never watched the trilogy – DO. The song is sung by Julie Delpy in the film and just melts my heart. 

Favourite lyric: You were for me that night/Everything I always dreamt of in life

Love and Affection – Joan Armatrading

My dad used to have a compilation cassette tape (yes, from back in the day, because I am actually old) that had this on and I would “borrow” it and play it on my Fisher-Price cassette player. When she was mentioned on breakfast TV the other day I was transported back to those days. It’s a darling little song peppered with some great backing vocals that make me smile.  

Favourite lyric: With a friend/I can smile/But with a lover/I could hold my head back/I could really laugh/Really laugh

Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy

I’m sure I first heard this on an ad, but if you can keep my attention on one and not make me change channel then you must be doing something right! Life-affirming, sun streaming through windows stuff. 

Favourite lyric: Everyone keeps a darker place/To lose control, you’re not alone/And when you come looking for embrace/I know your soul; I’ll be your home

Lean On – Lennon and Maisy Stella

Since watching Nashville I’ve had my eyes and ears opened to these beautiful singing sisters from America. Their harmonies are shiver-inducing and just so gorgeous. I posted the YouTube video link as I much prefer it to the produced single. 

Favourite lyric: What will we do when we get old?/Will we walk down the same road?/Will you be there by my side?/Standing strong as the waves roll over

When Doves Cry – Prince

Another day, another legend gone. I saw the news on Twitter and actually shouted “No!” out loud because one more musical genius won’t be around to create beauty in a world that so desperately needs it. He wrote so many great songs (I didn’t even realise Nothing Compares 2 U was his!) but this is definitely one of my all time favourites, once wonderfully adapted in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.

Favourite lyric: Don’t make me chase you/Even doves have pride

If you have any music recommendations I’d love to hear them! Comment below or contact me on social media. X