Stuck on repeat… January 2016

It’s a rare thing that I would start a post almost immediately after finishing up the last one but these things, they do happen!* *brownie points for you if you know where that phrase is from! Spectre – Radiohead I heard this just a moment after posting December’s SOR and knew I’d be playing this… Continue reading Stuck on repeat… January 2016

Must See Movie… Spectre

   I make no secret of being a Bond fan. I LOVE Bond films and I want to be a bad ass Bond girl. I like the old ones, I adore the new ones. When I first watched Casino Royale I thought that this was the Bond for me. I remember actually shedding a tear… Continue reading Must See Movie… Spectre

Stuck on repeat…October 2015

Apologies for the lack of posts this month – I have a million post ideas but have lacked the drive to make the words flow out from my brain.  I’ve been working a little which has limited my music listening and so this months post is a little shorter. I’ve been walking through parks and… Continue reading Stuck on repeat…October 2015