What to Watch – Spring 2017

Following on from my What to Watch post late last year, here’s what I’ve been watching since then and heartily recommend: O.J.: Made in America Set some time aside to watch this. Seven and half hours might seem a crazy amount of time for a documentary on OJ but it’s worth it. This is NOT… Continue reading What to Watch – Spring 2017

Must See Movie… La La Land

This is the easiest review I’ve ever written. GO SEE THIS FILM. • • • That’s pretty much all I need to say about it. Seriously! You want more? Fine. But no spoilers… I went to see La La Land with my lovely friend Maddie *waves* who had purchased tickets to the London Film Festival… Continue reading Must See Movie… La La Land

Must see movie… Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  So… How do I write a review with zero spoilers? Hmmm… I can’t tell you about that scene in that place with that big thing happening. Or about when good person said that to bad person. But I can tell you that I really enjoyed it.  I’m not the world’s biggest Star Wars fan.… Continue reading Must see movie… Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Must See Movie… Spectre

   I make no secret of being a Bond fan. I LOVE Bond films and I want to be a bad ass Bond girl. I like the old ones, I adore the new ones. When I first watched Casino Royale I thought that this was the Bond for me. I remember actually shedding a tear… Continue reading Must See Movie… Spectre

Must See Movie… Sicario

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post a massive, spoiler-y review. It’ll just be a few words to say how awesome I think this movie was!   The brilliant Den of Geek were holding a screening at the Prince Charles Cinema thanks to the kind folks at Lionsgate and I managed to nab two tickets to… Continue reading Must See Movie… Sicario