Wet January

At some point on January 3rd I realised that I had had alcoholic drinks on two successive days. Most people would say, “Oh right, that’s funny/cool/strange/odd/nothing to be remotely interested with,” delete as applicable and carry about their business.

 For someone who was pretty much teetotal as an adolescent and who had only just started developing a taste for liquor in the past few years, this was something big and the start of a silly plan. I quite like to go against the grain and seeing everyone start their health kick made me want to rebel. Dry January, Dry Schmanuary. Wet January was declared!

I’m not a huge drinker – I usually never go over three proper drinks on a night out and have never, ever been the paralytic type of drunk, only tipsy or merry. Once I was very merry. But I was 33. Measures for  January were always small, no more than 50ml or so unless I was out or had a cocktail and usually neat, just because I prefer it that way! Always drink responsibly!!Here’s what I drank in January:

Day 1 – 56% vodka (for midnight toast) & amaretto prosecco.

Day 2 – Amaretto sour – homemade cocktail – recipe here.

Day 3 – Zubrowka vodka.

Day 4 – Silent pool gin – blogged here.

Day 5 – Belgian whisky Golden Carolus single malt

Day 6 – Jim Beam single barrel – I love a good bourbon!

Day 7 – dregs of Jack Daniels Fire

Day 8 – Dark and Stormy cocktail – ginger beer & rum. 

Day 9 – Amaretto Sour

Day 10 – Biniarbolla – a Camomile liqueur from Menorca. Best served very cold.   Day 11 – Jim Beam Single Barrel

Day 12 – Zubrowka vodka

Day 13 – Macieira brandy – a Portuguese classic. 

Day 14 – Red wine – Shiraz cabernet – forgot the bottle name!

Day 15 – Merrydown cider 

Day 16 – 56% vodka

Day 17 – Merrydown cider

Day 18 – Zubrowka vodka

Day 19 – Havana Club 7 year old rum

Day 20 – Dark and Stormy  Day 21 – Zubrowka vodka

Day 22 – Cognac VS Hennessy – as I was in Paris, a cognac seemed right!

Day 23 – Sweet Home Alabama cocktail – Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Solychinaya vodka. A very happy lunchtime at Cafe St Regis in Paris. 

Day 24 – 56% vodka

Day 25 – Havana 7 yr old rum

Day 26 – Blueberry Amaretto sour, red wine Macia Batle from Majorca – out for a meal with friends. 

Day 27 – Silent Pool gin

Day 28 – Dark and Stormy

Day 29 – 56% vodka 

Day 30 – Amaretto sour

Day 31 -Macieira brandy


Final drink of WetJanuary!

What, if anything, did I learn by doing this? Not a lot really! Apart from being really glad I don’t have to drink anything alcoholic for a long while; it became a chore and took the fun out of it. Plus I’m sure my skin will enjoy the break. If anything, I think it’s cemented in me that I am not a hard drinker and hopefully never will be!  

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