Resolution Update!

I am a terrible blogger. I wrote this post about how I’m all geared up for January and F*ck Yeah! 2017 and then I don’t write a post for an entire month. Ridiculous.

So I thought I’d remonstrate myself publicly here and be accountable to make sure I don’t go another full month without posting.

I’ve listed the resolutions and how I’ve got on with them below:

  • Try a monthly exercise challenge (every other month) – I started off so well with the RG Active January challenge but then missed a few days and by the end of the month I had given up. Not good, but I did try making a start on basic fitness by getting back on my turbo trainer at least twice a week, swimming with the big boys and girls at the weekly RG Active swim sessions and joining in a weekday circuit of planks, push ups, squats and glute bridges. Hashtag buff ting.
  • Touch my toes – This fell by the wayside too, but it should be a priority especially as my hamstrings get ridiculously tight and the stretch would do me a world of good. I have added foam rolling to my routine though so I’m hoping I will be back to a looser, bendier self.
  • Drink more water when at home – I’d consider this as a semi success *glugs water* the trick is to ensure I have big bottle near me at all times.
  • Unfollow anything/anyone negative on social media – Another partial success on this and especially because I’m so much more aware of it now. Avoiding the Askholes and drama imbibers is almost a full effort job! Then the Inauguration happened and lunacy and ego entered government in America and my social feeds became despairingly awful with rumours and speculation. This too has its pitfalls of negativity and goes without saying; unless it is true and confirmed by trusted sources then don’t add to the hype/distraction.
  • …learn to be cool when someone unfollows me on social media – meh…this has actually just happened today and I still get butt hurt about it. I’m still a girl, standing in front of the world, asking everyone to love me.


  • Stop comparing myself to people on the internet – This will be an ongoing goal of mine. There will always be beautiful people in the world, there will always be people who are more successful.
  • Learn the Five Movements from The OA – There are finally some tutorials out in the web so although I haven’t yet, I WILL!
  • Use the things I’ve kept for best – Yep, I’ve been doing this with gusto and enjoying smelling like a Jasmine Garden or wearing sunshine yellow on my legs!
  • Paint my nails at least once a month – *chortles* Major fail, I last painted them in January and have been bare nailed ever since. Let’s try this one again, shall we?
  • Blog more – Errm, well. The less said about that the better, although January did see a bunch of new posts so it’s like I preempted the lack in advance!
  • Find a job I love – *cries self to sleep* After a very positive January that saw me in my first interview in FOREVER I was pipped to the post by another candidate. On the bright side the feedback was that I interviewed really well (why wouldn’t I, I’m fabulous) but I’m still searching, still applying and either no one bothers to get back to you/the agency that were haranguing you at first suddenly fall silent or the constant searching leaves you despondent. It’s hard to feel rejected and I didn’t think I’d still be in this position at the start of March.
  • Put my phone down more – 50/50 I’m trying, I really am. I don’t need to see twenty cat videos on Instagram in a row *keep telling self that* but to be honest, it’s a companion. I spend so much time at home with the cat, I feel like at least there’s a way to communicate online with everyone as otherwise they’re at work!

On the whole I’ve seen improvements in myself; I’ve been to a barre class, watched a sunrise somewhere beautiful and added another destination to the Topless Tour. I’ve learnt not chase my tail with the laundry, increased distance in swimming, kept up on the household filing, booked a road trip of dreams to California… I just need to get the job thing sorted, get some income and settle into a place where I can be a valued member of the team.

I wonder how everyone else has got on with their resolutions?


Resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year dear readers. We’re about a week in to 2017 so I’ve had a good while to plan my resolutions for the upcoming year (not just January) and start putting them into action ASAP!

Here’s what I would like to do:

  • Try a monthly exercise challenge every other month – I usually see a benefit or improvement to my body after completing them and it’s a nice sense of achievement. Currently I’m doing the RG Active #30DayActive challenge which has been sore fun with my triathlon buddies. 
  • Touch my toes – it’s true, I can’t touch my toes and never have been able to. I’m doing these daily stretches that are definitely helping. I’ve touched my toes within a week of starting so my aim is now to press my palms flat to the floor. I’ve got all year so who knows what I can achieve!
  • Drink more water when at home – somehow I can drink 2 litres a day at the office (probably something to do with wanting to spend time away from a screen and desk!) but get me at home and it’s like I forget that I have my very own tap. 
  • Unfollow anything/anyone negative on social – I’ve had a mini sweep of my SM accounts recently mainly to clear through accounts that are super clickbait-y/no longer interest me/are inactive/make me have negative feelings. Social media is the one thing that I look at every day, so if I’m following accounts that have a negative effect on me, I’ll be willingly exposing myself to negativity. On that note I need to understand that others may need to go through that process too and…
  • … learn to be cool when someone unfollows me on social media – I can usually tell who has pressed the unfollow button and the feeling that someone doesn’t like me stirs up old demons. I’m a people pleaser and it upsets me BUT I also know I am not my social media profile. What I post is barely a fraction of who I am as a person, so why should I take it so personally if online friends/acquaintances don’t get that?
  • Stop comparing myself to people on the internet – simple really. I’m not the girl in the picture, she’s not even the girl in the picture thanks to a myriad of filters and Facetune. Remember that pictures (especially on Instagram) are “constructed” moments, not actual snapshots of life. 
  • Learn the Five Movements from The OA – I’ve blogged about how much I loved The OA here and one of the reasons why it affected me so deeply was the wonderful use of dance. I may not open portals to other dimensions but I think the joy will come in the process of learning. If anyone has any tutorials for this, or would like to learn with me, let me know!
  • Use the things I’ve kept for best – I’m so bad at this one. I buy something I’ve wanted for ages that might be a little dear and instead of enjoying it, I hide it away only bringing it out for Sunday best. This is a ridiculous waste – life is short, use things now whilst you can enjoy them! Wear the jumper, spritz the May Lindstrom spray, put on the yellow thigh high boots.
  • Paint my nails at least once a month – I have a fridge compartment full of nail polishes which I barely wear. Again, such a waste, especially as I’m such a hoarder and magpie for new shades. It’s the cheapest way of sprucing up my look and acts as a mini pamper treat for myself. I’m currently rocking a gold and plum crackle effect polish that looks pretty neat and is a doddle to fix if it gets chipped.
  • Blog more – I have so many post drafts started with ideas and I always seem to put it off until the time has passed and it’s no longer worth writing about. I think I should write at least three a month.
  • Find a job I love – ha! This one is something I’ve carried over from the past five years and it’s still as elusive!
  • Put my phone down more – it’s so simple and yet I’m rather addicted to my little screen of knowledge. Yes to Googling things to finish family discussions amicably, no to infinite scrolling through Instagram. Put it down during meals and when watching TV with hubby. It’ll probably help with neck ache and posture too! 

There are a hundred more things I could add to this list: limit my procrastination to once a day, quit panicking about things that might never happen, dance more, actually train for and enter a non-team open water swim or triathlon this year, be less petty and reactive, have set days for doing the laundry, be more naked (literally and figuratively), tackle the pile of paperwork properly, travel to all the desolate places I want to go to… BUT I haven’t the patience to write them all down and I can always update this post at a later date with my progress. 

    Do you have any resolutions for the New Year? I’d love to hear about them!