Stuck on repeat… June and July 2016

Apologies dear readers/listeners for I have been naughty and condensed two months into one post. This is mainly because I felt that I couldn’t just write a post featuring two songs and that be it! Plus I was enjoying my holidays and  suffering from a particularly bad case of writers block (aka: everything I write… Continue reading Stuck on repeat… June and July 2016

Stuck on Repeat… May 2016

As always, you can follow and listen to the #stuckonrepeat playlist here. May is traditionally Eurovision month and this year was an exceptionally brilliant show. I actually liked quite a few of the songs but thought the show in general was excellent – well done to hosts Måns and Petra. Speaking of Måns… Heroes –… Continue reading Stuck on Repeat… May 2016

Stuck on repeat… April 2016

Follow the #stuckonrepeat playlist on Spotify here.  PILLOWTALK – Zayn I’m not sure if my music tastes are slowly failing me but the recent additions of Bieber and now an ex WandErection-er makes me doubt myself. Having said that, it’s SO damn catchy and isn’t that the mark of a good pop song? I blame… Continue reading Stuck on repeat… April 2016

Stuck on repeat… March 2016

Follow the #stuckonrepeat playlist on Spotify here.  My Blood – Ellie Goulding I know I’ve featured Ms G a lot in the past few months and it might seem a little much to feature her again, but actually IDGAF – it’s my blog and I’ll post if I want to! Thanks to the Artist Radio… Continue reading Stuck on repeat… March 2016

Reasons why I love F1…

The return of F1 this weekend heralds the return of another season filled equally with hope and despair, although technically it starts as soon as the engines are fired up for winter testing.  My social life goes into hibernation as everything gets checked against the FIA calendar and my social media goes into overdrive – you… Continue reading Reasons why I love F1…

Curiosity Killed in Paris – encore!

I knew I should’ve taken the earlier train – it meant that I missed service on the breakfast menu at the increasingly popular Holybelly cafe and thus missed the savoury stack of pancakes that I’d been craving for a year!! (They were closed for refurbishment last time I visited in September.) And it meant I… Continue reading Curiosity Killed in Paris – encore!

Stuck on repeat… February 2016

I’ve been enjoying a real mix of earworms recently, mostly fuelled by an 80’s and 90’s music challenge (the challenge being to pick just one song per day for a week – how many awesome songs exist in this era?!) and also driving the neighbour’s mad with incessant replays of Jack Savoretti tracks as I… Continue reading Stuck on repeat… February 2016

Oh so pretty! Valentine’s picks

I know, I know. I don’t blog about lingerie and then two posts come at once! Well, I thought it was apt seeing as it’s the time of year when thoughts turn to pretty things in soft lace and sensuous silk and not to dental floss in cheap, scratchy polyester. Don’t worry ladies and gents, this… Continue reading Oh so pretty! Valentine’s picks

The Good, The Bad and the Jiggly

I can’t quite believe it’s only taken me 29 posts to talk about bras. Me, the bra queen and owner of many, many pieces of frouferie (nearly 200 at last count – it’s an addiction) and lover of all things supportive.  I was watching an SBC video on Instagram the other day (this isn’t a… Continue reading The Good, The Bad and the Jiggly