Oh so pretty! Valentine’s picks

I know, I know. I don’t blog about lingerie and then two posts come at once! Well, I thought it was apt seeing as it’s the time of year when thoughts turn to pretty things in soft lace and sensuous silk and not to dental floss in cheap, scratchy polyester. Don’t worry ladies and gents, this is a tack-free zone!  

Here’s my selection of my favourite pieces – or read as – if I didn’t have a credit card bill or mortgage or life to pay for then I would want these wrapped in a box on Sunday…

I Want You – Prima Donna Twist

Here’s a sexy bra that you can actually sprint for the bus/tube/tram/train in – handy, so you can actually wear this on more than one special day. I love the on trend tattoo effect created by the sheer fabric and as always, the comfort,support and lifted shape you’d expect from Prima Donna. 

Available to buy from Rigby and Peller here.

Ismerelda set – Agent Provacateur
Ok, so only a few lucky people will be able to pull this off a la Bar Refaeli who looks like she really, really loves hay, but I adore this style. Not just a bedroom piece, this could zjoujz (sp.?) up a simple deep v-neck dress or super strappy camisole. Surprising for me to have another black piece featured (I rarely wear it as an outerwear colour) but it’s such pretty lace that it feels and looks so light. 

Available to buy from Agent Provocateur here

Nyx Carnival camisole and Astrid shorts – Hesper Fox

How gorgeous is this print?! It makes me yearn for hot summer nights and holidays by the beach. Made from super soft silk charmeuse this will feel like a million dollars against your skin. Whack up the central heating and pretend you’re in Summer already. 

Available to buy from Hesper Fox here


Earl Lagertha – Marlies Dekkers
There’s something rather splendid about this equestrian themed style from the brilliant world of Marlies Dekkers. Underneath is a vanilla lace bra, above is a leatherette contraption of buckles and studs that reminds me more of Boudicea rather than cowboys. This is a set that’s made to be seen…wear under a white broderie anglaise sundress for optimum contrast and impact.

Available to buy from Marlies Dekkers here.


Strawberry Fields Citrus – Freya

So many lingerie styles around this time of year are either red or black, but I am a sucker for a little more colour. Freya have some gorgeously bright colours in at the moment and this range has ALL of them! Let’s face it, this time of year is so grey, we need all the cheering up we can get. 
Available to buy from Freya Lingerie here

Bubbles Playsuit – Agent Provocateur
 Well. If you can’t wear something risqué on Valentine’s Day, when can you?! This isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s brilliant fun! Wear in the bedroom or if you want to cheer yourself up, wear under your outfit to work/weekly food shop/other mundane task. No one will know how utterly fabulous your pants are but your smirk might give it away! 

Available from Agent Provocateur here

I hope you all get want you want from your valentine. If you don’t then treat yourself!! X

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