Stuck on Repeat… May 2016

As always, you can follow and listen to the #stuckonrepeat playlist here.

May is traditionally Eurovision month and this year was an exceptionally brilliant show. I actually liked quite a few of the songs but thought the show in general was excellent – well done to hosts Måns and Petra. Speaking of Måns…

Heroes – Måns Zelmerlöw

Last year’s winner didn’t actually become an earworm for me until hearing it this year. In fact, last year, I preferred the Latvian entry! It doesn’t do any harm that Måns is easy on the eye plus those Swedes can make music and it was the first song I managed to sing along to after a nasty bout of the evil lurgy. 

Favourite lyric: We are the heroes of our time/ But we’re dancing with the demons in our minds.

Sound of Silence – Dami Im

Who would have thought the Aussies could have come second in Eurovision?! So very close! This was definitely the most well rounded song of the competition from their TV winner. Beautiful voice. 

Favourite lyric: Now my heart awakes to the sound of silence / And it beats to the sound of silence

One Dance – Drake

I take issue with Drake’s songs at times; he wants to have his lady cake and to eat it too. Doesn’t want a “clingy” girl but doesn’t want to let her be anyone else’s either or have the same level of “fun” that he has at the club. Riiiight. Anyways, this is so damned catchy with that little Afrobeat riff and rhythm that the misogyny is almost forgotten. 

Favourite lyric: You know you gotta stick by me / Soon as you see the text, reply me 

In Common – Alicia Keys

I mean this in the nicest way possible (completely sans shade Ms Keys) but when I first heard this, I didn’t realise it was Alicia Keys. It sounds SO different to her usual sound; modern, fresh and reminded me of when she burst on to the scene way back when. 

Favourite lyric: Who wants to love somebody like me? / You wanna love somebody like me? / If you could love somebody like me / You must be messed up too

Close – Nick Jonas ft Tove Lo

From the brilliant Jealous to another catchy yet slightly darker song about emotions, I’ve found myself singing the hook to the point of annoyance. The video is pretty odd, all greasy bodies in vests and pants but I’ll forgive it for the tune. 

Favourite lyric: Cause space was just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close

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