Stuck on repeat… February 2016

I’ve been enjoying a real mix of earworms recently, mostly fuelled by an 80’s and 90’s music challenge (the challenge being to pick just one song per day for a week – how many awesome songs exist in this era?!) and also driving the neighbour’s mad with incessant replays of Jack Savoretti tracks as I continue to discover his back catalogue. As per usual, just click on the song links or you can follow all the #stuckonrepeat tracks on my Spotify playlist, available here

The Other Side of Love – Jack Savoretti 

As I mentioned, I’ve been trying to make amends for the lack of Jack in my life and playing his stuff non-stop. I love this track for the more upbeat tempo and the affirming “love and let love” message. 

Favourite lyric: We are angels, we are demons, we are children all the same. 

Don’t Rain on my Parade – Barbra Streisand

From contemporary singer-songwriter to show tunes…and why not?! I’ve recently felt a need to distance myself from distractions and other people’s dramas. Quite simply: not my circus, not my monkeys. It’s been refreshing to refocus on important people and step away from any negative energy which I am super susceptible to. This song is an anthem to stepping away from the no-flow and embracing the yes!

Favourite lyric: Don’t tell me not to fly/I’ve simply got to/If someone takes a spill/It’s me and not you!/Who told you you’re allowed/To rain on my parade! 

Us Against the World – Coldplay

I can’t sing along to this song without my voice cracking on the eponymous lyrics; I can’t tell if it’s because I can’t sing (full stop!) in that low register comfortably or if the emotion of the song just gets to me – it’s probably the latter. Just a darling song about two people against the pressures of the world. For someone so cynical, I’m actually quite the sappy romantic!

Favourite lyric: And sing slow it down/Through chaos as it swirls/It’s us against the world

Tuyo – Rodrigo Amarante

I’ve heard this theme tune the most for the past few weeks as we indulged in a Netflix binge of the excellent Narcos. Cold winter nights and weekends are perfect for box set binges and this followed on from the brilliant Making a Murderer – also worth a watch if you want your blood to boil. Narcos’ theme is sensual, languid and with a slight edge; a great fit for looking into the story of drugs and one of the world’s most dangerous men. The opening lyric (my favourite bit) conveys addiction and its destructive power just right.  

Favourite lyric: Soy el fuego que arde tu piel/soy el agua que mata tu sed.

(I am the fire that burns your skin/I am the water that kills your thirst.)

Wishing Well – Terence Trent D’arby

I heard a cover of this on The Voice and thought the guy did a really decent job of it, but I couldn’t believe how long it had been since I’d last heard this song! I love the upbeat 90’s vibe of this tune. 

Favourite lyric: Slowly, but surely your appetite is more than I knew.

Army – Ellie Goulding

I think she’s written this for a friend who has stuck by her through thick and thin, but in the same vein of Us Against the World, this is about that special person that always has your back. I totally relate to this – thanks to an amazing soulmate who always has my back, I have the courage to fight the world every day. 

Favourite lyric: When I’m with you/I’m standing with an army

Liberian Girl – Michael Jackson

This song is one of my absolute MJ favourites and featured in my hits of the 80’s week. Super simple construct and that sexy gentle beat of far away lands. 

Favourite lyric: Just Like In The Movies/With Two Lovers In A Scene/And She Says /”Do You Love Me”/And He Says So Endlessly /“I Love You, Liberian Girl”

Thanks for reading! Share your earworms in the comments below. X

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