Stuck on repeat… January 2016

It’s a rare thing that I would start a post almost immediately after finishing up the last one but these things, they do happen!*

*brownie points for you if you know where that phrase is from!

Spectre – Radiohead

I heard this just a moment after posting December’s SOR and knew I’d be playing this ad infinitum. Y’all know how much I love Bond films from my Spectre review and that I wasn’t all that keen on the Sam Smith version until I’d seen it as the title score in the film. The band stated that this song had been turned down for the film and as much as I love it, I understand why. It’s not commercial enough. It’s Radiohead. It’s too good, too dark, too complex and that’s why I love it.

Favourite lyric: Anger is a poison/The only truth that I could see/Is when you put your lips to me

Catapult – Jack Savoretti 

How, HOW have I never heard this beautiful man and his beautiful voice before? No, seriously. Have I been under a rock my entire life?!? I’m ashamed to be joining the JS appreciation society so late but thanks to the Graham Norton show, at least I’m finally on the bandwagon. The tone is so simple and honest…and that rasp… *shivers* It works so beautifully with the romance of the song.

Favourite lyrics: I can be the white knight/You can play the princess/We’ll be running like outlaws/Hiding in the midnight

China Girl – David Bowie

I was so saddened to hear of an icon for so many generations passing away. The Bowie I loved was the Max Zorin-esque Bowie of the 80’s, sophisticated and suave. This particular song reminds me of car journeys as a kid, and that bass line is just so excellent.

Favourite lyric: She says…Ssshhhh.

The Hills – The Weeknd

So this is a NSFW one, but it’s dark and kinda creepy and I love it. A toxic tale of love and lust. And we’re all a little effed up, aren’t we?!

Favourite lyric: I only call you when it’s half past five/The only time that I’ll be by your side/I only love it when you touch me, not feel me/When I’m f**ked up, that’s the real me

Kiss Me – Olly Murs

I don’t watch X-Factor any more (too many reasons to mention) but I don’t hold grudges against genuinely decent pop. Originally I thought this was a Nick Jonas jobbie, as it had a similar vibe to Jealous (which I loved) and a chilled 80’s retro beat which I have a bit of a penchant for at the moment!

Favourite lyric: If this is the last night/Baby let’s do this right, kiss me like you mean it

An American Trilogy – Elvis Presley

Even if you’re not an Elvis fan, I would implore you to give this one a listen, if not for the soulful vocals then the spirit-soaring turn by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, especially at 3:30. Actual goosebumps and no flashy jumpsuits.

Favourite lyrics: His truth keeps marching on.

Hotel California – Eagles

Another week, another loss for the music world. I started listening to some more classics. This is one of my favourite songs, one of the greatest songs of all time…EVERRRR. That intro, the bassline, the drums all weave together to make it sound as perfect and relevant as the day it was recorded. The opening lyric is so simple and evocative, I could be in that car right now. 

Favourite lyric: On a dark desert highway/cool wind in my hair

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