Stitch & Story

Back in the heat of summer I went to the Christmas In July festival, a space where lots of different brands showcase their Christmas wares. One of the very first brands I saw was Stitch & Story and their gorgeous display of woolly goodness.

My last attempt at knitting was quite a few years ago, being taught during lunch breaks at work by a colleague. My greatest creation was a rectangular hat that was meant to be for a baby, but could have fit my head. Oops.

I was apprehensive but the smiling faces from the two Jens encouraged me to take a seat and try my hand at using one of the beanie kits they had there. I chose my hat colour and slowly remembered how to cast on stitches on to one of the large bamboo needles with a little help from Jen and the easy to understand in-kit guide.

After just a few minutes of stitching and chatting I had something that actually resembled knitting, I left to continue my project at home, beaming with pride that *I* had created a thing! It didn’t take me long to finish, although I kept putting it down to give my eyes a rest because I can’t seem to knit without having the needles two inches from my face.

The instructions were so easy to follow and everything comes with your kit – the soft yet chunky 100% merino wool, smooth bamboo needles, a needle to stitch it all together and the little fluffy bobble to finish too. There are kits for different difficulties and lots of online support should you get stuck at any point.

Hat kits are from £28 with lots of other amazing kits available directly from their website. I’m delighted with my little hat and though it’s not shop perfect (my not-so-experienced knitting at fault there) I can’t wait for it to get colder so I can wear it.

Let me know if you have any knitting projects on the go or are tempted to try one of the Stitch & Story kits!

*I was given the kit as a guest of Christmas In July Festival, but the review and opinion is my own and not paid for.

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